Arthur Altman · Professional Credentials



Credentials as Analyst and Business and Computer Consultant

Sales and Management Executive · Securities Analyst · Investment Technology · Business Analyst


Integration of strong investment, financial, business, analysis, administration, marketing, research, and computer backgrounds allows me a major advantage in determining problem situations, communicating across departments, and arriving at problem and solution perspectives often not seen by of others. Years as an owner of a computer products and services business, with considerable hands on programming and design experience, allows me to understand the problems of the business owners, and aids in communicating effective solutions to others.


Management and Business Experience

In my first jobs I was put in charge of computerization and given departments in each position I was hired in. Built my own company and managed all financial and business functions. Strong Purchasing and negotiating talents.


Became a premier dealer in most of the products I sold and supported. In recent years I emphasized the Medical office administration market, and became one of the nations, premier Medical Manager dealers, servings hundreds of practices, and several hospitals and billing services.


Built highly reliable, redundant, computer servers. Designed, developed, programmed customized and managed others. Excellent programmer, analyst, problem solver and technician.  Experience in Internet and web pages.


Business Analyst, Securities Analyst, and Investment Research

Strong finance, fundamental, technical, econometric, theoretical and research backgrounds. Researched construction, building materials, home building, real estate machine tools and transportation technologies. Also was responsible for data processing services and mini computer industries. I developed selection and evaluation tools for security analysts and portfolio managers


Sales experience

Grew up in family business and had strong sales experience since childhood. (Hired driver at 14 and developed profitable rural wholesale sales route, which was a major factor in expansion of family business.) Several other successful sales efforts, including sales of inventories I bought from companies going out of business, easily covered my college expenses.  While sales was not part of my initial career, it became a very important part of my obtaining several long term consulting contracts with investment firms, which financed my early business efforts.

Also sales was obviously of major importance in my consulting, as well as in marketing the hardware and software products I represented. (Even with good sales personnel, I was often involved in closing large sales.)


Microcomputers for Business

Provided full service solutions to my business clients.  Built, installed, customized, trained and supported business systems for investment, law, medical, and general business offices. Dealer and developer for RealWorld Accounting (Now Great Plains) Sold and serviced several other general business clients I have been involved with.


Sold, built installed and maintained integrated Unix/Windows networks and accounting systems for a variety of businesses. Sold and serviced leading medical office billing/management system. Supported hospitals, doctor’s offices, billing services, and several business applications. I also was a member of the Blue Cross advisory board.


Technical and Support Services

Full hardware and software support has been a theme common to all of the products and services I have sold. This included installation, training, customization, and ongoing service. I have a very strong aptitude for solving hardware and software problems and have done both on Micro and Minicomputer systems.


Strong Computer Background

Product selection. Installation & Training, Service & Support, Customization. Problem Solver. Built workstations and servers. System & data base design. Excellent programmer, analyst, expert on networks, Internet programming, web page design. Very strong data base design talents.


Market Research

Market and Advertising Research at Gillette. Introduced stratified sampling technique that reduced survey costs by 20 percent. Was put in charge of computer work, brought computerization down to department level.



Investment Technology, Securities, analysts and portfolio management and evaluation tools.

Did full initial design and implementation of systems at institutional investment departments at Aetna Life and Casualty, Commonwealth Edison Pension Fund, Chicago Title and Trust company (now Lincoln National) and several smaller departments. Ran 2 computers, one used primarily for management of accounts at a large Chicago Broker/Clearing form, the other sold nationally to hundreds of institutional investment clients.


Created several analysis, evaluation, portfolio performance measurement, accounting, and management systems, for The Hancock, Wells Fargo, American Airlines, General Dynamics, Citibank, Detroit Bank, Harris Bank, the, Esmark American Airlines, General Dynamics, Montgomery Wards, MorningStar, Zachs, and dozens of other financial institutions. Worked with and developed tools used for investment analysis, portfolio, security and analyst performance measurement and evaluation, and Cost of Equity Capital (COEC) determination and evaluation tools.


Did billing, trading, stock loan systems, option valuation tools and reporting systems for option and trading firms, the CBOE, and several traders. Developed many security analysis and selection and portfolio management tools, and integrated technical/fundament reports using Compustat, and Value Line, Telstat, Muller and other databases.


Designed developed and maintained major securities pricing, trading, fundamental, and technical information data bases on two time sharing systems used by investment firms and trading firms nationwide. Also created, developed and ran stock indices used by Pension and Investments, Crain’s Business insurance and Crain’s Chicago Business.



MA math. MBA marketing, 100 graduate credits in Math & Statistics. CFA exams 1&2. Internet Marketing



Developed national legislation system, which was demonstrated and sold to the State of Illinois (News articles available). Member  (past) of Blue Cross Advisory Board, U.S Selective Service Board, AIPAC Board.



Details of Computer Systems exposure


Unix/Linux/NT/Windows/mainframe integrationOver recent years I have been using windows workstations on Unix servers. This takes advantage of Unix’s far superior reliability and speed for servers, while allowing users the ease, flexibilities, and wide software selection available with windows.


Windows 95/98/NT/2000 – Familiar with Microsoft and several other products (see software). Installed dos, most windows versions, most Microsoft products, and variety of other Dos/Windows/Unix products.


Unix/Linux- Worked with SCO, Interactive, and AIX UNIX, and a few early releases of Linux. I have more recently been working with Caldera’s Linux, but would feel comfortable with any Linux, or Unix. The new integration of SCO into Caldera’s version 8 currently seems the most promising versions for future use.


Micro Unix – I Started with SCO UNIX in1980s, and since Unix was patterned after IBM and DEC operating systems I was almost immediately familiar with it, and loved it. Over the years I became increasingly involved with Unix and have developed many specialized shell scripts and techniques .For the past 2 years I have become increasingly Involved in UNIX networking, and in Unix to NT integration.


Micro CPM/MPM – Turbodos (Multi-user CPM) - Mmost  - Dos - Concurrent Dos - Novell – Unix – Early Networks

Have been using micros and micro networking systems since their inception. Familiar with the systems, interfaces and the technology behind loosely and tightly coupled networking. This makes new systems quite easy to learn.


Worked with networking concepts since the 80’s. Started with networking IBM, HP, and DEC computers via phone lines, and went on to networking micros and mini computers Tested original Novell hardware (yes it was), pre 1.0 release software. Was featured in a Wall Street Journal add for Northstar computers using version 1.0.0 Novell. Install and maintained several Novell systems. Microsoft made networking considerably easier and more flexible.


Main frame/Mini - IBM 370 (CMS) - DEC 20 (TOPS)  - HP 3000 (MPE)

I was a recognized expert in developing and supporting financial databases and applications, and worked with hundreds of satisfied clients, most referred by other clients or computer services. Developed a very large stock market database, option trading, and stock loan systems used by brokerage firms, option traders and securities investment departments. I also did my own hardware and OS software maintenance on the HP 3000 system.